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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality product which is why we have invested in state-of-the-art technology to template, fabricate and install as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Schumann Granite utilizes the the most innovative templating system in the industry. The Proliner, by Prodim is a portable digital measuring tool with patented technology: Measuring with a wire, at the end of the wire is a metal measuring pen. With this measuring pen you can simply mark the relevant points. These points are directly translated into a digital DXF CAD file. Straight, curved and very complex shapes can be measured fast and accurately from every position. The Proliner is the fastest, most accurate, reliable and durable digital templating solution.

After your templates have been completed Schumann Granite uses a digital program called Slabsmith to go into phase two of your job.  The layout. This software allows the programmer to take your templates and place the individual pieces on photos of your slabs. At this time, we will do seam placement as well as vein matching at the seam. This program allows the customer to see exactly how their job will look on a computer screen before it is cutout.


Phase three, cutting out the job.  We proudly run the SaberJet XP CNC saw-jet made in the USA that has the capabilities of switching from waterjet cutting to blade cutting with ease.  Mitered edges are no problem.   

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